Watch out dragons... Here be Aaron!

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Aaron is a brat, which is understandable after everything he's been through. He also sees dragons when he hums, which isn't understandable by anyone, ever. He soon gets sucked into the dragons' dangerous war, where his only defences are his embarrassingly magical fingernails, and a fierce, ten-year-old girl.

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Friday, 30 December 2016

Some of your nice messages...

Every Friday I'm going to include some nice messages/reviews that I've read and liked in the week. This week I have selected a few comments from early reviewers.
"One of the things I enjoyed most about the story was the matter-of-fact way in which you deliver the humour. It feels bright and witty."
"Love the dragon."
"Your characterizations are brilliant."
"Your writing style is marvellous and your plot certainly has me hooked."
"A great pleasure to read." 
"Aaron works as a main character and comes alive on the page. And dragons, you can't go wrong with dragons."
"An absorbing adventure and a central character with an emotional dimension which will resonate with many."
"Highly enjoyable and engaging."
"I think the self awareness with which the characters treat their predicament is so refreshing. You have taken a classic plot devise, and then made your characters mock that very plot, even as they show deference to it, ie quest to find a magic sword and destroy in a desolate place. It’s very clever."
"The characters themselves are well defined, and have distinct personalities. The gruff guide, Aaron the malcontent, and the delightful Julia. You have left room for growth individually and in terms of interrelationships between them. The interplay between them is great."
Thank you to everyone who has said nice things so far. I'll try to include all your messages in the coming weeks.