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Aaron is a brat, which is understandable after everything he's been through. He also sees dragons when he hums, which isn't understandable by anyone, ever. He soon gets sucked into the dragons' dangerous war, where his only defences are his embarrassingly magical fingernails, and a fierce, ten-year-old girl.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

More of your nice messages

As with previous Fridays I'm going to include some nice messages/reviews that I've read and liked in the week. This week I have selected a few comments from early reviewers.
"I think Aaron has a strong personality that comes through even this early on. He's a character we will be able to sympathize with, and readers will admire his spunk."
"I enjoy your style, humor, and protagonist"
"This is a great book. The story moves from one point to the next quickly and holds the reader's attention."
"I found this to be a very enjoyable read. It was well paced and had a good story that would keep you engaged all the way through. You really created the fantasy world, Breveny very well and by the end of the novel I almost felt I knew my way round! - from the wood to the castle to the desert. You also described it all beautifully - conjuring up some lovely colourful images of all the creatures and the landscape. It reminded me of one of those video games that kids play in the way that they were always trying to figure out what to do next."
Thank you to everyone who has said nice things so far. I'll try to include all your messages in the coming weeks.

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