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Monday, 13 February 2017

Farewell Kilgharrah

This has been my first chance to sit down and post since the sad death of John Hurt was announced.

Despite his many many amazing film roles, my facebook feed was full of people paying tribute to "The War Doctor" in the Doctor Who anniversary special. To be honest I'll probably remember him most for his voice actor work as the Owl in The Gruffalo, but my absolute fave role he played was Kilgharrah the dragon in the BBC drama, Merlin.

To my mind, this dragon is everything a dragon should be. He could never be tamed, believed he knew better than everyone else (and mostly he was right), he communicated telepathically with Merlin, and was an awesome force of destruction when he was angry. He was proud of his magic and his traditions. I can't fault him, although admittedly in the frozen screenshot above he looks like he's a character from the muppets.

Farewell Kilgharrah and Farewell John Hurt. You will both be missed.

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