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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Phone Call

Another new short story set before the start of Aaron Gray and the Dragon War. This one has one of my favourite characters in it. Mrs Seeger.

The Phone Call

Mrs Seeger stared at the casenote on her screen. “Mr Gray (Aaron’s dad) has phoned, please ring him back on…” There was a telephone number.

Could she ignore it? No, that would be unprofessional. But what could he possibly want? Nobody in Children's Social Care had heard from Mr Gray for several years. Not since he’d first abandoned Aaron to the care system.

She'd been Aaron's social worker for a while now and Aaron was one of the more challenging children on her caseload, but he was funny and interesting and she enjoyed their time together. He never talked about his dad, he wasn't willing to deal with all of that mess yet, but Mrs Seeger could tell that Mr Gray meant a lot to Aaron, despite how he'd been treated.

She dialed the number and waited for him to answer.

“Hello, is that Mr Gray? This is Aaron’s social worker. You left a message for me to ring you.”

Good start. No pleasantries. Keep it to the point and find out what the idiot man wants.

“Yes hello. I would like to see my son. Is he available on Saturday?”

Mrs Seeger took a sip from the water on her desk. She often did this when she was trying to hide her anger. How dare he assume he could get back in touch after all this time, and book Aaron for the day as if he were some kind of library book.

“I’m sorry, Mr Gray. We have to consider the emotional impact on Aaron. He hasn’t spoken to you in quite some time. If you want to be a part of his life again then that may be possible but it will be a gradual thing, and we’d need to speak to Aaron and see if that’s what he wants.”

“Of course it is. I’m his father.”

“Yes but Aaron is eleven now and needs to be involved in important decisions in his life. If you do want some kind of contact with Aaron then I’ll talk to him about it, but it's not as simple as you just coming to collect him. You'd have to commit to a number of supervised sessions, we'd see how Aaron gets on and take it from there. It’s not in Aaron’s best interests for you to come into his life and then disappear again.”

“I won't. I want to see him. Let him know for me.” Mr Gray ended the call.

"Thank you for all your help in raising my son for me..." muttered Mrs Seeger, doing her best impression of Mr Gray and bristling at the man's abruptness. Perhaps contact was a bad idea. She'd talk it through with her supervisor and come up with a plan. She was going to have to say something to Aaron. He'd want to know that his dad had been in touch. He wasn't going to take it well though...


  1. hmmmm, I think Aaron is probably better off without his dad in his life. I really like mrs seeger too.

    1. You might be right. I wonder how things will work out in later books ;-)