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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A story about dragon dung

A very short story this week. It takes place before the events of Aaron Gray and the Dragon War, and introduces one of the characters. Alec the keythong.

The problem with keeping a dragon in one place, thought Alec, was the pile of dragon dung that grew very quickly. At least Cecil had agreed to go to the toilet in the nearby field, rather than in the Abbey itself, but still, the vinegar smell was getting annoying. 
Alec was a keythong. Some piskies had once called him “half eagle, half lion”, but since he didn’t know what either of those creatures were, he’d have to take their word for it. He was also in charge of looking after Cecil, a dragon that had been banished in The Dragon War. 
“Should have pretended to take a side,” muttered Alec to himself. “Still, there are worse places to live.”  
Alec looked around at the green hills surrounding him, and the old ruined Abbey that was now his home. He allowed himself an uncharacteristic smile. It was nice here. Peaceful. Best of all, nobody ever visited. Perfect. 
He sniffed. Well, there was still the dragon dung to deal with. It wasn't going to do anyone much good in that field.

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