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Friday, 17 March 2017

More Goodreads Reviews

I've had another couple of 5 star reviews on Goodreads. This time from the Dunlop family :)

Alex said:
"Got to the end and wanted to find out what happened next, always a sign of a good book."
Jennifer also reviewed it on Amazon:

"Excellent story. Looking forward to the next one! Great for fans of well written fantasy. Not sure yet if I will let my sensitive 8 year old read it quite yet as there is one bit that may be scary/upsetting."

Lots of people have asked me whether there's a sequel, and yes there will be, hopefully towards the end of next year. The scary bit mentioned in the amazon review is a part where they're in a desert and bad things happen. I completely agree that if you have a sensitive child then they may find this bit upsetting (although it does have a happy ending!).

In terms of scariness, I keep telling people it's scarier than Prisoner of Azkaban, but not as scary as Goblet of Fire.

Thanks again everyone for your nice messages. More coming in the next few weeks as I collate what I've got!


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