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Monday, 17 April 2017

La Tanière du Dragon

In the fluffy fairytale land of Disneyland Paris is a bright pink fairytale castle. But underneath that castle, is the bestest animatronic dragon ever made!

Here's some of my favourite facts about this dragon. Most information is stolen from if you want to know more.

1) It's big!

The dragon measures 89 feet from head to toe, and when it was built it was the world's largest animatronic figure.

2) It's friends with Merlin

Although the castle at Disneyland Paris is known as Sleeping Beauty's, the official story is that she shares it with Merlin (which is why there's Merlin themed stores on the lower level). Merlin and the dragon met one day and didn't realise they were supposed to be enemies, they made friends and the dragon moved into the cellar.

3) It moves when it's asleep too!

The tail and feet move when the dragon is asleep. Just like a cat or a dog.

4) New technology was needed to build the dragon and its lair

Disney not only developed animatronics generally and made this dragon possible, but also designed a new system to make the caves smokey without poisoning or smoking out the guests. The resultant smoke machines are the size of four sugar cubes.

5) I call him Cecil.

If you don't know why, then you obviously haven't read Aaron Gray and the Dragon War!

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