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Monday, 5 June 2017


No I'm not being paid for this (although if the makers of the game wanted to send a few free dragons in my direction I wouldn't say no!) but have you guys found Everwing? It's a game on Facebook messenger but way above the standard of most other games on the platform.

Basically the main gameplay is like the above screenshot. You play a fairy, who is assisted by up to two dragons.You have to shoot at the monsters that you're flying towards. The monsters you shoot turn into treasure and you have to collect as much treasure as possible.

So far so fun, but still your basic facebook game. You play it a few times, get a bit bored and move on. But not this game, oh no! Because there's not just this game. There's also a scary boss game.

This is one of the many bosses that you team up with your friends to try and beat. They take forever but as soon as you have beaten them you get a ton of treasure, as well as usually some extra dragons. Once you've got some treasure, then there's some exciting strategising you can do!

The treasure you've got actually buys stuff. Like you can buy a selection of dragon eggs and see what hatches, you can upgrade your fairy's weapon power or even buy more fairies if any are available.

Each dragon you hatch has different abilities, and if you level them up enough you can evolve them to other dragons.

And once you've got a load of dragons and fairies, you can send them off on quests, which gives you more treasure to buy more dragons and fairies. Even that has a strategy though. When you're sending these dragons and fairies away on quests, you can't use them to beat up the monsters in your game, so choose carefully.

So yeah, give it a go! Just start a conversation in facebook messenger and click on the gamepad icon!

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