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Monday, 31 July 2017

Introducing Dextra

I know he's appeared on a few previous blog photos, but now seems like a good time to finally introduce Dextra!

Dextra is a puppet version of a dragon who does appear in Aaron Gray and the Dragon War, but he is not named. He pops up again in later books and hopefully will have more of a starring role.

This particular dragon puppet is available from The Puppet Company and comes in Black, Green or Red.

The actual puppet part (where your hand goes) is just below the mouth, so the rest of its body just sits on your arm. 

The bit where your hand goes
This means he swings off your arm quite a bit, and I've found it useful to use a rubber band to attach him further down my arm. I'd quite like a brown leather strap instead.

 And if you'd prefer something a bit more hefty, there's always this green dragon!

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