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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

One Hundred Nifty Darn Blog Posts!

No, really! This is the one hundredth blog post!

Of course you can read through the archives and be instantly entertained (apart from maybe the "Breveny Jokes" post, that one was so much of a mistake that I'm not even going to link to it) but I thought it would be nice to give you all a "Greatest Hits" list. So these are my favourite blog posts so far!

Dragon Research

By far my fave posts are the ones where I get to research lots of random nonsense on dragons. I can't pick a top five, so here's the list so far. Seriously they're all fascinating!

Stuff Actually About The Book

This blog is the official internet home of the Breveny Chronicles, so obviously there's a lot of stuff about the first book, Aaron Gray and the Dragon War.

So first of all Beth's amazing fan art deserves a big mention!
...I've started to answer your questions...
...And there are all the wonderful five star reviews

And the weird and wonderful

Definitely in the "Wonderful" category was when Ciara did the world's first ever Breveny cosplay and when Abbii (who designed the cover) married the lovely Daniel!

In the "weird category" is when I posted about the mobile game "Everwing" and got thousands of pageviews from all over the world,  But the best weird moment was when I posted what I thought was an obvious April Fool's joke and received congratulations messages for most of the day!